Vue Pointe

Arne Körner makes “small” movies without fantasy, reflections without excessively leading (he leaves this to the viewer in order to draw them in). It requires no “content” in the popular sense, due to his well- formed and masterful imagery which is full of content. VIEW POINTE contemplates an island; the rushing sea, bays, peculiar foliage and buildings are perused. It progresses as if it is a thriller, though it is the objects which are the focus – they create an exciting undertone; they describe, silently coaxing the mystery which the island is hiding. Arne Körner is not a case of too little; even in the slightest event he shows his visual mastery; he captures the uniqueness of the everyday. This is to say: in VIEW POINTE, the film returns to its origins in a sense. That is to say to the Lumiere brothers, to the art of curious and amazed consideration of our world, a world full of puzzles. What should one make of “exciting events” when each visual is already one in its own right?

Michael Girke, film critic

Bains Argentiques – Nantes Film Labs Meeting
30th International Short Film Festival Hamburg
18th International Student Film Festival CineMAiubit
Okseø Film Festival Denmark
PSSST! Silent Film Festival
22. OpenEyes Filmfest Marburg
Trilogie 8′ Stadt isst Land Film Festival
Backup 17th Short Film Festival Weimar

  • Year: 2014
  • Duration: 11 min.
  • Format: 16mm, Color, 1,375:1
  • Screening Copy’s: DCP & 35mm Print
  • CREW

  • Directed by Arne Körner
  • Written by Arne Körner
  • Director of photography Arne Körner
  • Film Editor by Arne Körner
  • Re-Recording Mixer Stephan Konken

  • Light Cone
  • The Film-Makers’ Cooperative
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