Dietrich Kuhlbrodt: Hitler boy, film critic, actor, senior prosecutor, screenwriter, punk musician, temporary porn commissioner, and family man! What kind of life, can it be, where all this just happens? On an adventure trip that takes us through the third reich, the nazi poisoned post war FRG, Paris and the reunited Germany we dive into Dietrich’s incredible biography. A trip that shows how to live five different lives at the same time with ease.


  • Year: 2024 (in postproduction)
  • Country: Germany
  • Duration: 117 min
  • Production: Kinescope Film
  • Co-Production: ZDF kleines Fernsehspiel
  • In Collaboration with: Against Reality Pictures
  • Format: 2k Alexa & 35mm Kodak, Color & BW, 1,85:1
  • Screening Copy: DCP
  • CREW

  • Directed by Arne Körner 
  • Written by Arne Körner
  • Director of Photography Max Sänger, Elias Müller, Arne Körner
  • Film Editor Andrea Schumacher
  • Music by Helge Schneider
  • Producer Matthias Greving, Janina Sara Hennemann,
    Christina Mayer, Arne Körner
  • Commissioning Editor Jörg Schneider
  • Color Grading Bernie Greiner
  • Re-Recording Mixer Stephan Konken
  • Production Design Keanu Manthey
  • Costume Designer Katja Waffenschmied
  • CAST

  • Dietrich Kuhlbrodt

  • Missing FILMs